Cara transaksi pulsa mengunakan jabber

Cara daftar jabber

untuk bertransaksi mengunakan jabber di propana reload silahkan buat akun jika belum memiliki akun jabber
 jika sudah memiliki abaikan saja .

untuk peforma yang mendukung jabber silahkan kunjungi

XMPP/Jabber clients for PC



Note: Most of linux distributions supports XMPP in default installation. Search for Telepathy, Pidgin or Kopete
  • Psi ... XMPP client for Qt (KDE]
  • Psi+ ... Heavy modified Psi client with VoIP support and many tweaks
  • Gajim ... Good client written in Python, Gtk (Gnome)
  • Tkabber ... Full-featured XMPP client (Tcl/Tk)
  • Pidgin ... Popular client with support for many IM networks

Os X

Note: iChat (iMessages) in Mac OS X have build-in XMPP/Jabber support.
  • Adium ... Pidgin IM client fork for Mac OS X
  • Psi ... Full-featured XMPP client for Mac OS X

XMPP/Jabber clients for mobile devices


  • Xabber ... XMPP client for android with multi-account support
  • Jabiru ... XMPP client with multi user conferences support


  • OneTeam ... XMPP client for iOS, push and MUC support


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